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LocalitÓ : Lago di Nambino (TN)
Quota : 1.770 m
Telefono : +39 0465-441621
Fax : +39 0465 441621
Gestore : Serafini Giancarlo
Telefono gestore : +39 338/1095570
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In Madonna di Campiglio, a stylish, comfortable mountain lodge on the shores of Lake Nambino, in the heart of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park. Just look around you and you will immediately realize you are in a unique place, one of the gems of the Dolomites (UNESCO natural heritage site), with amazing scenery that will stay with you forever. Forget about all negative thoughts and leave your car behind in a spacious car park, put on comfortable shoes, pick up your rucksack and your camera...the Nambino experience is about to start.

The Serafini family has been running this alpine retreat since 1933 with steadfast dedication and professionalism, and will welcome you and give you the chance to taste the best of traditional Trentino cuisine. There will be a great variety of dishes, prepared with quality ingredients: all you have to do is choose whatever appeals the most and enjoy. You can then have your meal in the renovated dining room, looking at the majestic mountains reflected in the waters of the Lake Nambino.

Afterwards, you can decide if you are ready to hike along one of the trails that lead to the Rifugio Nambino or relax by the lakeside.

If you want your experience to be absolutely unique, you can make the best of your visit and spend the night in one of our wonderful rooms. Spacious, comfortable and well furnished rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms. The smell of wood will help send you off to sleep and in the morning the delicious smell of coffee and hot pastries fresh from the oven will wake you up. The fresh air and breathtaking landscapes will greet you as you start the day, giving you a general feeling of well-being.

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ASSOCIAZIONE GESTORI RIFUGI DEL TRENTINO - Via Degasperi, 77 38123 Trento - 0461/923666 - - P: IVA 02250340227