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Località : Col Turond (TN)
Quota : 2.873 m
Telefono : +39 0471-847303
Fax : -
Gestore : Lodovico Vaia
Telefono gestore : +39 349/5730110
Sito :
Mail :

Foto del rifugio:
Welcome in the mountain hut Boè of the SAT of Trento. The manager Lodovico Vaia, alpine guide and teacher of ski,and his family  is pleased to welcome you in the magnificent lunar landscape of the plateau of the Sella mountain.

In the center of the   Sella Group  in an ample and arid flatland with  “moon” aspect the Boè mountain hut  rises. Also this as all the first refuge fates in the Dolomiteses  was built by a section of the DOAV in the distant 1898. It was the section of Boè-Bamberga to erect it in masonry and with an ample porch; it was known as Hut of Bamberga at the Boè. Devastated during the First World war in 1921 it passed to the SAT with other 13 shelters of the DOAV: the SAT in 1924 the surrenders again agibile with the name of  Boè mountain hut.  In the following years the mountain hut had widened in more occasions with the addition of various bodies now in masonry now in wood. From 1992 the mountain hut has been endowed with an experimental plant for the treatment and the biological purification of the waste waters, by  the Service Works hygienic sanitary of the autonomous Province of Trento.

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