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Località : Pera di Fassa - Val di Fassa (TN)
Quota : 1.949 m
Telefono : +39 0462-763152
Fax :
Gestore : Marco e Mario Desilvestro
Telefono gestore : +39 335/7432677 - +39 335/7432676
Sito :
Mail :

Foto del rifugio:
From 1902 in the Catinaccio mountain group – Dolomiti – Val di Fassa.
Historical refuge in the beautiful Gardeccia basin along the Vaiolet valley, among green meadows and woods, surrounded by the Catinaccio mountain group, the Vaiolet towers and the Larsèc rocky place.
Located about halfway of the Fassa valley in the town of Pozza di Fassa. You will find a breath–taking view and King Laurino waiting to take you to his enchanted kingdom.

Easy to reach refuge in the heart of the Catinaccio mountain range, with 43 beds in 20 rooms in a perfect and simple alpine style, in order to spend some days high in the mountains.
The cuisine by Mario, will offer you a taste of the best local tradition accompanied by a good beer or a good Trentino wine glass recommended by Marco.
In the sunny days there is no danger of getting bored, we are surrounded by walks, equipped paths and climbing routes with fixed ropes for all tastes.
For the little ones there are meadows, woods and a little stream, where they can play peacefully.
On rainy days the library and a little mountain video-library will give you the chance to wait for the sun comfortably in the refuge.
Anyhow do not let you scare by some rain so much the less by snow. The mountain is lovely also by bad weather.

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